Eric Elison's Gordon Lightfoot Tribute 

I am also currently playing in Eric Elison's Gordon Lightfoot Tribute 

It's been a pure joy playing Gordon's music with Eric for the last three years.  Eric covers Gordon better than anyone I've ever heard. For information on Eric's Gordon Lightfoot Tribute visit Music Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Show

I started playing jazz and rock in the late 60s and consider myself a commercial andjourneyman player. I am self-taught on bass, working through the Carol Kaye method 
books, and have taken lessons from Wrecking Crew bassist Joe Osborn. I am currently playing around Colorado Springs as a freelance musician. 

Frank "From the Bank" Sanchez

My goal is to never stop learning and continue to be the best that I can be. 
Enjoy life, be happy, and healthy, and thank God for everything you have....

even things you don't have, and never stop reaching for the stars.

   ​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to my cyberspace home. 

For those of you who don't know me or what I am about, I have come to be a Bass Player

and Christian Musician in this life's journey and am thankful to Jesus Christ for everything

that I have and his promise of everlasting life in God's wonderful heaven.  I’ve been 

playing music since age 8 and began playing bass in 1967. I knew I was destined to play bass

because I always loved listening to "Big Noise from Winnetka" on my grandmother’s Victrola. 

​I honed my skills in Los Angeles gaining real-world experience on gigs with professional musicians

and attending various jazz clinics. I’ve played on various demos, and on independent films.

I've toured with groups to Europe, Japan, and South Korea. 



​My stage name was given to me by "Weird Al" Yankovic during the time I played for him in the

very early days of his career. This picture was taken by Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz of me

listening to a playback of a recording that I made with "Weird Al" Yankovic. I played with Al on a

few basement tapes and my bass playing can be heard on his Placebo EP on "Happy Birthday".   

I was 26 at the time and was working at a bank. Al gave me the nickname Frank "From the Bank"

and it really is appropriate as I worked in banking my entire working career. I was interviewed on

​Dave & Ethan's 2000" Weird Al Podcast. Hear the interview at:

With Contrary Western


Join us for Summer Sambas, Bossa Novas, and Jazz Standards this summer on  these dates 

Come back to find out where we will be next summer. 

Frank "From the Bank" Sanchez You Tube

The Frank Sanchez Jazz Quartet

If you need Jazz music for your private party or social event check out my jazz quartet. 

The Paco Sanchez Trio

I was lovingly called "Paco" by my friends in Jr. High School and decided to embrace it as my non de plume Paco Sanchez.  We are also known as "The Versitones".  I started out playing this style of music when I first started playing and still love playing it .

We specialize in playing bossa nova, samba, and classic jazz for private parties and social events.