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Frank Sanchez

These are clips of old high school friends getting together after 40 years to play for TJ's Dream Team fundraiser in October 2013 and 2015.   This was a really, really good time and the last time we all played with our dear friend Bob Dietz who passed away October 2013.  Fred Smith passed away in 2018 I'm glad we got to do this.  RIP Bob and Fred.

​Here are clips from various gigs. Visit my YouTube channel for more at  ​​

​​​​Welcome to my cyberspace home.  For those of who don't know me or what I am about, I have come to be a Bass Player and Christian Musician in life's journey and am thankful to Jesus Christ for everything that I have and his promise of everlasting life in God's wonderful heaven.  I am currently playing around Colorado Springs as a freelance musician and am available for gigs.   I’ve been playing music since age 8 and began playing bass in 1967. I knew I was destined to play bass because I always loved listening to "Big Noise from Winnetka" on my grandmother’s Victrola.  I’ve been playing bass in various groups for 50 years.  


In my journey, I've played Clarinet, Baritone Sax, Oboe, Eb horn, and Trumpet. I am self-taught on bass, working through the Carol Kaye method books and have taken lessons from Wrecking Crew bassist Joe Osborn. I honed my skills in Los Angeles gaining real-world experience on gigs from professional musicians and from attending various jazz clinics. I’ve toured with groups to Europe, Japan, and South Korea. I consider myself a commercial player with a rock background as I started playing in the late 60’s and through the classic rock era. I am also heavily influenced by 60’s R&B and Jazz.  I enjoy playing all styles. I read music and can play from chord charts and lead sheets. My goal is to never stop learning and continue to be the best that I can be. 

Groups I’ve played in, backed up and people I’ve played with: Southeast Los Angeles All-City Orchestra, Lynwood All-City Band, (Classical) Lynwood High School Stage Band, (Contemporary Jazz) Central Christian Church, Woodmen Valley Chapel, Fellowship of the Rockies, (Praise and Worship) Holy Apostles Catholic Church (Liturgical) The Broadmoor Hotel with Al Eberhart and the Changing Times, (Variety) Lila Mori, (Jazz & Pop) Marci Hureau and Gentle Rain, (Variety) USAFA Lessons and Carols,
(Christmas Program) Synopsis, (60’s Pop and Jazz) Ishkabibble, (70’s Rock) Betsy Chapman and Euphoria II, (Country\Folk) The Dukes of Rhythm, (1950’s Oldies) Lobster Joe and the Drawn Butter Blues Band, (Blues) Cross-Eyed Mary, (Classic Rock) The Musical Americans aka The Southern California Youth Chorale, (Broadway Show) The Lennon Sisters, (Pop, Disco) The Patio Daddios, (Classic Rock) The Delta 88’s, (R&B) The Little Big Band, (Big Band Jazz), The Drifters, (R&B, Soul) Little Anthony and the Imperials, (R&B Soul) Tricia Parish, (Americana) Bucket O' Lucky (Alternative) and last but not least, Weird Al Yankovic (Rock).

Enjoy life, be happy, healthy, and thank God for everything you have....even things that you don't have, and never stop reaching for the stars.